Noel Ford FRSA

International freelance cartoonist and humorous illustrator, working exclusively on computer and supplying clients via email or on CD-ROM in any file format and for both Mac and PC platforms.

Noel first became established on the pages of the UK's leading humour and satirical magazines such as Punch and Private Eye. He is currently editorial cartoonist for half a dozen or so national UK newspapers and magazines and his corporate clients include many worldwide household names.

His online Portfolio at contains an extensive collection of his published work for clients in the UK and around the world.

Although he lives in Mid-Wales, on the edge of the Cors Caron Welsh National Nature Reserve (known, locally, as The Bog) he is in daily contact with clients throughout the UK and around the world via his battery of Apple Macs.

If pressed, Noel will admit to having been freelance editorial cartoonist for the Daily Star for 14 years before seeing the error of his ways.

He never misses deadlines.

Website: (Online Portfolio)


Member of the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain

Also a member of
The British Cartoonists' Association,
The Cartoonists' Guild and FECO

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