"I have to say this website has generated loads more work than my page on (another) site.

Around 60 jobs in the last three years which is not bad for a little old part-time cartoonist like me.

Long may it continue."

Peter Finch

"I've got more work through your site, than all the other sites put together"

Lee Healey

"Thanks for providing a really great website. I've had lots of interest from new customers who remark on how user-friendly and informative the site is. Since joining, I've had work ranging from simple website character designs through to a £2000 calendar commission from a London PR company - superb!"

Peter Nesbit

"I can't believe it's just over a week ago that you did my web design, and already I've been asked to Illustrate a childrens book."

Paul Wilcox

"I recently got a regular spot in a business magazine as a result of being on this website. And it's not the first time I've got work from cartoonists.co.uk. Many thanks!

Royston Robertson

"I gained a commission from a company in London after their guy checked your site out. This has in turn led on to another commission in an adjacent department. "

Paul Taylor

"I keep getting some really nice jobs coming through your site, much better than the usual "can you caricature my dog" type lead (no pun intended) that comes from other portfolio sites. It's very easy to take such sites for granted, so felt I should let you know I appreciate it."

Paul Solomons

"Just wanted to say thanks for all you do with the website. I get regular enquiries and a fair bit of work from it, so I'm more than happy."

Simon Chadwick

"I will just take this opportunity to pass on many thanks as ever for the sterling service provided by you and your website, greatly appreciated."

Rupert Besley

"I just gained my first job through cartoonists.co.uk 250 smackers! Thanks mate! I just thought I'd let you know. Cheers."

Bill Houston

"Thanks to your site I have just been commissioned to provide a weekly editorial cartoon for a professional trade magazine."

Pete Dredge

"I've just been paid for my first job as a result of this website. It was a job I did for AOL, so this website DOES work!"

Anthony Kelly

"This week I've received two commissions that were both originated by the client using cartoonists.co.uk...so thanks!"

Ian West

"I have produced caricature work for a TV company in London, who found me through this site. They were very pleased with the results and have promised further work"

Bill Newton

"Just to let you know I got a well paid advertising commission with the help of the website. I was able to email my website details direct to the client rather than posting out samples etc. Thanks again!"

Anne Goudie

"My pages on the cartoonists.co.uk site recently attracted the interest of a Public Relations company, a contact that has already produced two good commissions with the prospect of more to come. The cartoonists.co.uk is obviously a signficant high-profile site that is checked out by the people who you most want to see your work - potential clients."

Roger Penwill

"Thanks for updating my page so quickly. I've already had a call this morning.  Your site is a marvel."

Paul Solomons

"I forget that I'm on the site and then I suddenly get a job from it!"

Ian West

"I have just got a very lucrative job from a greeting card company as a result of them seeing my work on the site.This is the second well paid job I have got as a result of the site in the last 3 months."

Anthony Kelly

"I have had a few requests for cartoon work from people who have found me on your site. So Cartoonists.co.uk is working well."

Mike Argent

"I work for a large PR agency with an in-house design department which specialises in internal and customer communications - I have passed on your contact details as I think the website is an excellent resource!"

Paul Davies

"I am writing to you to thank you for so kindly setting up my website. I have had enquiries for work since the site has been created including one from an agency in Rome, so my website is being discovered!"

Gerard Whyman

"Our company has 20 years experience in corporate event management. We have used your web site to find caricaturists for events in different parts of the country. We have been extremely happy with the talents of the artists we have used.

Bob Davies



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